Steer Automative Group

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Company Overview

Steer Automotive Group is the UK's leading automotive repair business, with 119 locations and over 2,400 expert colleagues, repairing over 100,000 vehicles a year. Known for high-quality repair services and a commitment to innovation, Steer aimed to enhance its online presence to better reach customers and streamline marketing processes.


Steer Automotive Group wanted to optimise its website and leverage the latest HubSpot features to improve lead generation and expand its reach across the UK. The company's goals included refreshing content, expanding marketing channels, and increasing overall online visibility to attract more customers and remain competitive in the automotive repair industry.

Steer faced several key challenges:

  • Outdated website content, leading to reduced user engagement and lower lead generation.
  • Limited marketing channels, impacting Steer's ability to reach potential customers in various locations.
  • Underutilisation of HubSpot features, resulting in inefficient marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM).


Inbound Scaling, a HubSpot partner, worked with Steer Automotive Group to develop a comprehensive strategy to overcome these challenges.
The solution included:

  • SEO Optimisation:
    Inbound Scaling implemented a Google-based SEO strategy to improve Steer's search engine rankings. This involved keyword research to identify high-traffic terms, on-page SEO adjustments, and technical SEO fixes to enhance site performance and user experience.

  • Content Refresh:
    Steer's website content was updated, including service descriptions, case studies, and blog posts, to better reflect the company's expertise and appeal to target audiences. This refresh was designed to engage visitors and increase conversions.

  • Marketing Channel Expansion:
    To reach more customers, the strategy incorporated multi-channel marketing efforts. This included targeted Google Ads, social media campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, and email marketing to nurture leads and drive conversions.

  • HubSpot Features Utilisation:
    Inbound Scaling guided Steer through the latest HubSpot features, streamlining marketing automation, lead scoring, and CRM processes.
    This ensured effective tracking of leads and personalised customer interactions.


The collaboration between Steer Automotive Group and Inbound Scaling yielded significant benefits, including:

  • Increased Lead Generation:
    The combination of SEO optimisation, content refresh, and expanded marketing channels led to a noticeable increase in inbound leads.
    Steer's updated website and diversified marketing efforts attracted more visitors and improved conversion rates.

  • Reduced Marketing Costs:
    By utilising HubSpot's automation tools and refining the content strategy, Steer reduced marketing costs while achieving greater efficiency.

  • Enhanced Online Visibility:
    The SEO-focused approach and regular content updates improved Steer's online visibility, leading to better brand recognition and customer engagement.

  • Streamlined CRM Processes:
    By leveraging HubSpot's capabilities, Steer optimised its CRM processes, resulting in improved customer relationships and retention.

Overall, the case study demonstrates the successful collaboration between Steer Automotive Group and Inbound Scaling, showcasing the benefits of a well-rounded approach that combines HubSpot's latest features with effective SEO and marketing strategies. This partnership allowed Steer to achieve its goals and continue leading the UK's automotive repair industry.


More Case Studies coming soon