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Inbound Scaling forged a strategic partnership with Re-Flow, a prominent SaaS firm in the construction industry. The primary focus was to execute an advertising strategy initially, with subsequent plans for comprehensive marketing initiatives. Re-Flow, operating in the fiercely competitive SaaS sector for construction, possessed an excellent product but struggled with lead generation. Our collaboration aimed to fortify Re-Flow's lead generation capabilities, optimise advertising expenditures, and enhance reporting. Inbound Scaling orchestrated a multi-faceted strategy incorporating LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and HubSpot CRM.


By synergizing HubSpot with LinkedIn Ads and integrating Google Ads marketplace with offline conversions, we accomplished an impressive 300% surge in leads and a 40% reduction in the cost per conversion on Google Ads. We also established metrics for cost per deal, cost per customer, and revenue by customer.

Our methodology comprised a comprehensive analysis of Re-Flow’s existing marketing landscape, pinpointing areas for enhancement. We tackled lead generation, cost efficiency, and operational optimisation through a blend of advertising platforms and CRM integration.

Inbound Scaling executed a three-pronged strategy:

Advertising Optimisation: – Revamped Google Ads by targeting high-converting keywords, resulting in a 40% reduction in the cost per conversion. – Initiated targeted LinkedIn Ads campaigns at various funnel stages. – Implemented retargeting on LinkedIn and Facebook, leveraging company/account retargeting and matched audiences for completed video views.

CRM Integration and Automation: – Integrated HubSpot CRM to streamline marketing and sales processes. – Developed custom workflows and reports for marketing activities, ad performance, deal tracking, and other crucial metrics. – Implemented custom properties and dashboards for a more detailed data view.

Implementation: Advertising restructuring involved keyword optimisation, ad creation, and targeted campaigns on Google and LinkedIn. CRM integration with HubSpot included setting up workflows, custom properties, and comprehensive reporting structures.

Impact: Results

The collaborative efforts with Re-Flow yielded exceptional results:

– Lead Increase: Achieved a 300% increase in leads through targeted LinkedIn campaigns and optimised Google Ads.
– Cost Efficiency: Reduced the cost per conversion by 40% on Google Ads, enhancing overall advertising ROI.
– Consistent Brand Growth: Delivered month-to-month leads on LinkedIn at various funnel stages, contributing to sustained brand growth.

Challenges and Lessons Learned: Challenges encompassed aligning marketing strategies across platforms and optimising workflows within the HubSpot CRM. Continuous monitoring and iterative adjustments were instrumental in overcoming these challenges.

Additional Achievements: More Conversions: Drove a 65% increase in lead conversions.
Reduced CPA: Achieved a 34% drop in their Google Ads Cost Per Conversion.
Brand Growth: Expanded brand presence across LinkedIn and Google


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