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ONE PPCHubSpot Case Study-1


One PPC, a leading advertising agency with clients across the UK, specialises in ad management services, including Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, and more. They aimed to expand their marketing through unpaid channels such as email marketing and organic reach. Additionally, they sought to closely align their sales and marketing strategies, and to develop sales and implementation service playbooks. These playbooks were intended to quickly skill up new hires and standardise processes across the organisation, aligning them with unified revenue goals.

One PPC was looking to expand their marketing across a range of channels including unpaid channels such as email marketing and organic. They were also seeking to closely align their sales and marketing, as well as create sales and implementation service playbooks to skill up new hires faster and standardise processes across the organisation towards unified revenue goals..


The initial step involved conducting an audit to identify short-term and medium-term smart goals. This process highlighted quick wins and established a medium-term strategy for maximising the use of their marketing stack and HubSpot, enhancing operational efficiency.

Inbound Scaling Specialists, with their extensive inbound marketing experience, ensured that the implementation was customised to meet One PPC's specific needs and expectations. As an existing HubSpot customer, One PPC required more than basic onboarding and training; they needed custom-driven services, including foundational and advanced retainer services. We worked closely with One PPC, employing a consultative, question-based approach to gather and document business requirements. This led to the creation of a goal-driven project plan, offering One PPC immediate victories and a Rev Operations framework to streamline the organisation. We provided comprehensive training on the new setup and demonstrated how HubSpot could be utilised across all business areas, not just as a marketing tool, but as an integrated business system. The first step was an audit to uncover the short term and medium smart goals, creating a list of quick wins along with a medium term strategy of how to get the most out of the marketing stack and HubSpot to maximise operational efficiency. 

Inbound Scaling Specialist’s draw from their extensive Inbound experience to ensure that the implementation was tailored specifically to the client’s needs and expectations. As One PPC is already a HubSpot customer, they needed more than onboarding and training, a more custom driven services required foundational services and more advanced retainer services.

We worked alongside One PPC following a consultative question based approach to gather, document business requirements to create a goal driven project plan. This gave One PPC short term wins, along with a Rev Operations to align the organisation. We provided extensive training on the the new setup, and how HubSpot can be used across all areas of the business not just as a marketing tool, but a business system


The quick wins led to One PPC getting more leads from other marketing channels including their organic traffic with improved lead nurturing to maxmise their content. The improved system implementation of HubSpot along with extensive training, Inbound Scaling was praised for their extensive marketing knowledge. One PPC also expressed their appreciation on how tailored the training was to their business and their goals. This session left One PPC confident that they could continue to call on the abilities of Inbound Scaling as needed. to the best of their abilities, ultimately leading them to continue to expand their Inbound game, increasing the potential for more revenue. Inbound Scaling and One PPC have since worked together on a number of microsolutions with plans in place for larger projects as well.


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